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  1. Band of the Week: KITTEN

    I’ve posted about Kitten numerous times (x) but since I’m doing a band/artist of the week I’ve decided to make sure everyone knows who they are. They’re most recent EP ‘Like A Stranger’ came out at the end of August. I love it! Their music always has a beautiful 80’s nostalgia to it, which I love. My favorite track on L.A.S. is “Graffiti Soul”. I encourage you all to listen to it on Spotify or on their Youtube channel (links above in the blog header are all theirs). They are a force to be reckoned with on stage! If you don’t believe check out the links below. They’re going on tour with Charli XCX soon so click HERE to check out the dates!

    Here’s some of my favorite links of them live:

    Full Set Live at SXSW 2013

    Sugar Live (Bootleg Bar)

    Japanese Eyes (Wilcox Sessions)

    Hot Rod Girl/TV Eye @SXSW (Unreleased Song)

    G# Live

    Christina Live (Idolator: New and Notable)

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